QuickBooks™ Point of Sale Will Not Start

QuickBooks™ Point of Sale Will Not Start when I attempt to launch it! It doesn’t even give me an error message! What’s up with that? You may have run into the Windows 10 upgrade nightmare .What this article deals with:

  • Windows 10 PC’s
  • MS KB3194496
  • QuickBooks™ Point of Sale 12 not fully opening
When this happens:
  1. 1) You attempt to open QuickBooks™ Point of Sale in the normal fashion.
  2. 2) You receive a form that wants you to choose your database and then click on “Next”.
  3. 3) The form again pops up asking you to once again to choose and open your Point of Sale database.
  4. 4) Go to step 2.
What is happening?

Apparently, there are Microsoft Windows update which provides more bells and whistles for users. The problem is that when you update one thing, there are unintended implications (like QuickBooks™ Point of Sale not working) that are not always considered prior to deploying those updates.

How to fix it:

Windows Home:

If your QuickBooks™ Point of Sale application worked yesterday, and it doesn’t work today, the first thing to check is to see if there were any updates over the past day or so that were installed.

  1. 1) Click on your “Windows Key” or (Win-R) and type in “programs and features”. Then click on the link that it finds with that name.
  2. 2) Look for the latest updates (normally they will be under “Microsoft Windows”).
  3. 3) If you see one between today and the last day that you successfully ran the Point Of Sale, then remove those. I know that there was one called, “KB3194496” that has caused several people problems which, when uninstalled, allows them to simply start work again.
  4. 4) Uninstalling the update is not the only thing you need to do, however. You will also need to keep the updates from reinstalling again the next time you reboot or boot up your computer. To do this, you will need to know which OS you have, the Windows 10 Home edition or Windows 10 Pro, etc. and do the following

Option 1: Show/Hide Tool for Home edition

  1. 1) Download the Microsoft tool from this link.
  2. 2) Install the downloaded tool from your downloads folder.
  3. 3) Run the application
  4. 4) Select, “Hide”
  5. 5) Select which updates you would like to keep from installing.
  6. 6) The application will “Hide” (keep from installing) the updates you select.Note: This will not allow you to hide security updates and it will not work on Windows 10 Pro. It is not recommended that you keep all updates from being loaded. It is better to simply use this tool to hide those which you have uninstalled because they have interrupted your business.

Option 2: Stop Windows Update Service

This will keep all updates from Microsoft from being downloaded which, again, is not recommended as the permanent solution.

  1. 1) Click on your “Windows Key” or (Win-R) and type in “services.msc” followed by the enter key.
  2. 2) Look for the “Windows Update” service and double-click on it.
  3. 3) Under “Startup type”, select “disabled”.

Option 3: Change the Group Policy for Windows 10 Pro Edition

  1. 1) Click on your “Windows Key” or (Win-R) and type in “gpedit.msc” followed by the enter key.
  2. 2) In the navigation tree, go to Computer Configuration –> Administrative Templates –> Configure Automatic Updates
  3. 3) Using the dropdown menu in bottom left panel under, “Configure automatic updating”, select, “2-Notify for download and notify for install”.
  4. 4) Click on, “OK”

Option 4: Change the Group Policy for Windows 10 Home Edition

  1. 1) Click on your “Windows Key” or (Win-R) and type in “regedit” followed by the enter key.
  2. 2) Go to the following: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsUpdate\AU
  3. 3) Find the “DWORD” ‘AuOptions” and double-click it.
  4. 4) Under “Value Data”, enter “2” and click “OK”
  5. 5) Exit the registry using “File” menu at the top and then, “Exit”.
  6. 6) To apply this setting, click on the Windows key and type in, “updates”. Select, “Check for Updates” from the options that pop up.
  7. 7) Restart your machine.

There is another option but I really don’t see the benefit for this. It turns on a regulator on a WIFI connection which keeps updates from downloading. I don’t see this as a very good alternative so I will not present it here.


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