QuickBooks™ Point Of Sale: Use Custom Fields to Customize Point of Sale

You can specify custom field labels in Point of Sale for the four item description fields in inventory (Inventory Name, Inventory Description, Size, and Attribute). The field labels you specify are displayed throughout QuickBooks™ Point of Sale, on printed documents, and on reports.

Default Labels: The default labels for new users are Item Name, Item Description, Size, and Attribute. Upgraders from earlier versions may have labels of Description 1 and Description 2 for the name and description fields. Click Restore To Defaults at the bottom of the screen to return to the default field labels.

(QuickBooks™ Point of Sale Pro) You can also create and use custom fields on customer, vendor, item, and employee records. And, if you use Print Designer to customize your print templates, you can specify different labels for printed documents as well.

To customize field labels in QuickBooks™ Point of Sale:

  1. 1)From the Point of Sale Home Page, select Preferences –> Company from the File menu.
  2. 2)In the left pane, choose General –> My Field Labels.
  3. 3)Scroll down to locate the field labels you wish to customize and enter new label text in the My Label column.
  4. 4)Select Save


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