QuickBooks™ Point Of Sale: Creating a New Purchase Order

Follow the steps below to create a new purchase order. You can also make a new PO by copying an existing one.

To create a new PO:

  1. 1) Select New Purchase Order from the Purchasing menu.
    • A blank PO form is displayed.
  2. 2) Accept the suggested PO# (sequential order) or enter a unique alphanumeric number of your own.
  3. 3) Select a vendor from the Vendor drop-down list.
    1. a) Type the first few characters of the vendor company name to quickly jump to the vendor in the list. Select Add New if you need to add the vendor record while making the PO.
    2. b) Press < f4 > from the vendor field to go to your full vendor list to find the vendor.
    3. c) The payment terms from the vendors record are suggested on the PO.
  4. 4) Accept or edit the Order, Ship, and Cancel dates.
  1. 5) List the items you want to order, entering an order quantity and cost for each item added.
    • The purchase order cost is suggested as the Order Cost of the item in inventory, but can be edited as necessary.
  2. 6) Enter information in other PO fields, including any applicable discount and/or fee that will apply to the order.
  3. 7) Select Save.


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