QuickBooks™ Point of Sale: Tracking Item Quantities with Decimals

Sometimes it is beneficial to track items in decimal quantities. For example, you might sell an item by the yard (e.g., fabric), by weight (e.g., bulk candy), or by the hour (labor). Point of Sale allows you to order, inventory, and sell items by decimal units.

For example, if you order and price fabric by the yard you can easily sell 1/4 yard or 1-1/2 yards by entering .25 or 1.5 in the Qty field on receipts. The correct fractional price will automatically be calculated for you.

To charge an hourly fee for labor define a service or non-inventory item called Labor or similar, assigning your hourly rate as the price. On a receipt or customer order, you can now list the service or non-inventory item Labor and charge for partial hours by entering a decimal quantity in the Qty field.

You can enter decimal quantities in any quantity field. Point of Sale will round your entry to two decimal places for display purposes and does not display trailing zeroes, i.e., if you enter 2.50, the display will be 2.5. However, the program stores and uses up to five decimal places for its calculations.


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