QuickBooks™ Point of Sale: Search for an Inventory Item

notes: From the Point of Sale Home Page, you may use the Quick Find.

Searching in your item list:

Open your Item List.

Begin typing keywords in the Search Inventory field.

  • A unique word from the item description is recommended.
  • You can also search by any other item field (department, vendor, size, color, etc.). The more unique the keyword, the fewer search results will be returned.
  • You can also scan the item’s barcode tag.
  • As you type, the list is instantly filtered to display only matching items. Note how the filter button now indicates the list is showing Search Results and the number of records found is shown at the bottom of the list. In this case, typing “Orange” returned three sports drink items.

If no results are found, use the backspace key on your keyboard to go back and re-enter new characters.

Select the item you wish to work with and then click Show Details or choose an appropriate task from the I Want To menu.


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