QuickBooks™ Point of Sale: Reminder to Reorder Items

Inventory reminders help you track and manage your inventory by alerting you to situations that may need your attention.

To view inventory reminders:

  1. From the home page, select Reminders from the Inventory menu.
  2. Select one of the available tabs.

Reorder Items Tab

The Reorder Items reminder screen displays items whose quantity has fallen below the reorder point set in inventory. Use this screen to assist in replenishing your inventory.

  • You can print this list to help in creating purchase orders.
  • Double-click a listed item to view the item record.

Point of Sale takes into consideration item quantities already on order (from unfilled purchase orders) when determining if an item should be added to the reorder reminder list. Learn moreClick to display a popup topic

To display this screen, select Reminders from the Inventory menu and then click the Reorder Items tab.

Pro Notes

  • The reminder screen also includes items that are on backorder.
  • Depending on your preference settings, quantities committed on customer orders may be taken into account when deciding if an item is added to this screen.

Having Point of Sale Suggest Point of Sale for Reorder Items (Pro)

You also have the option of having Point of Sale suggest and generate purchase orders to order these items.

  • With your reorder reminders displayed, select Suggest PO from the I Want To menu. Learn more about using Suggest PO

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