QuickBooks™ Point of Sale: Putting Items on Layaway

Creating a Layaway

1)Click on I Want To, select Make A Customer Order, and select Layaway

2)Enter the items either by using the drop down or scanning

3)After ringing up all the items, either select the customer in the Customer Info drop down, or enter their information at this point

4)In the box beside the customer’s information, outline the terms of the Layaway

5)Either Save & Print or Save Only

6)To receive payment, go to Point of Sale and select Layaway List in the drop down

7)Click on Take Deposit

8)Type in the Deposit Amount. Click OK

9)Accept Payment. Click Save or Save & Print Deposit

10)Close window

11)To see the remaining balance from the Home Menu, Select Point of Sales in the task bar, select Layaway List

12)Double click on the Customer name

13) From here, you can see the entire item list, as well as the new balance after payment.


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