QuickBooks™ Point of Sale: Merging Item Records

How to Merge Item Records

Occasionally you may find that you inadvertently entered the same item into inventory twice or that you have two items you prefer to track as a single item. Merging them allows you to combine the two items into a single item record with the combined history of both. You specify which of the items records is kept and which is removed.

The following rules apply to merging items. See the notes below for additional information.

  • Only two items can be merged at a time
  • Both items must be of the same item type
  • (Pro) Merging of assembly or group items requires that both items include the same component it
  • (Pro) Merging items can be done at Headquarters only
To merge two items:
  1. 1) From your Items List, select one or both of the items you wish to merge. How do I select multiple records?
  2. 2) From the I Want To menu, select Merge.
  3. 3)The Merge Items window is opened. The item to be kept is shown on the left and the item to be removed is on the right. Review the items to ensure they are correct:
  4. 4)
  • Select Swap between the items to reverse Point Of Saleitions of the items
  • Use the drop-down list and normal item find procedures to add the second item or change items if necessary

If the item being removed was included on prior transactions or is a component item of another assembly or group item, a list of the documents and item records that will be affected by the merge is displayed. How are they affected?

A confirmation dialog is displayed when the merge process is complete.

  1. Select Merge Items.
  2. Select Merge Items.


  • Quantities of the merged items are combined. All other values are preserved from the item record you select to keep. If necessary, you can edit the retained item after merging to revise these values.
  • Point of Sale automatically creates adjustment memos to combine item quantities and to update your inventory value (if the removed item had an average unit cost different than the retained item). These adjustment memos will have a Reason field entry of Merge Item.
  • All instances of the removed item on history documents, order documents, and active (but not saved) physical inventory counts are replaced with the retained item. However, the item cost is not recalculated on affected history documents.
  • If you have an on-hand quantity of the removed item with printed price tags, you may have to reprint those tags from the retained item record so they include the correct item identifier, bar code, price, etc.
  • ( Pro) Inventory changes resulting from an item merge are sent to remote stores with the next Store Exchange file. However, remote store history documents that are updated at Headquarters when merging items are not sent back to remote stores. The remote store history will continue to reflect the item circumstances in place at the time the original document was made at that store. The merge item procedure can also be initiated from the Duplicate Item Reminders window.


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