QuickBooks™ Point of Sale: Inventory Reports

Inventory Adjustments and Reports

This is a very essential tool to have at your disposal. It allows you to jump directly into your Point of sale machine and perform a multitude of adjustments. For this particular blog, I will show you how to adjust and review your reports very effectively.

  1. 1) Select Reports in upper task bar on your Home page in your QuickBooks™ Point of Sale . In the drop-down, select Report Center.
  2. 2) In your Report Center, you’re going to want to select All Reports in the upper left corner. The option Overview will turn gray when you’ve selected All Reports, and vice versa.
  3. 3) From here, select Items on your left, and your Point of Sale will provide you with a list of options. From Item Summary, your actual Item List, as well as Adjustment options.

Point of Sale provides many reports to help you track your inventory investment and maximize your turn and profit. These reports can all be customized include the data you want to see. Reports vary by license level (Free, Basic, Pro).

Here is an example of some of the more frequently used inventory reports:

  • Inventory Summary – Summarizes your current on-hand inventory.
  • Item List – More detailed view of your current on-hand inventory.
  • Inventory Summary with Activity – A summary of current inventory that also can include sales, receiving, and purchasing activity.
  • Inventory Valuation – Report of the value of your inventory, currently or for any day in the past.
  • Inventory by Store – Your current company inventory broken down by stores.


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