QuickBooks™ Point of Sale: Import or Export Item Pictures

Importing Pictures for Items In QuickBooks™ Point of Sale

If you are using item pictures, you can import and associate pictures for multiple items at once instead of assigning them one-by-one on item records. Likewise, you may have the need to export the item pictures you have in Point of Sale for some other use. The Data Import Wizard and Data Export Wizards in Point of Sale make these tasks easy.

Importing Item Pictures

In the import process, Point of Sales associates pictures to items by matching the file names of the pictures to specific item information. The file names of the pictures to be imported must match one of the item information field or fields listed below, as well as meeting other formatting requirements. Point of Sale can then automatically associate the imported pictures to your existing items. Example picture file names Picture file formats and attributes

To import item pictures:

From the File menu, select Utilities >Import

Select Item Pictures as the data type.

Specify the location of the picture files and which item information fields have been used to name the picture files and then select Next.


Specify if you are importing default item pictures only, alternate pictures only, or both default and alternate pictures and select Next.

If you are importing both default and alternate pictures at the same time, you must include _def or _1 at the end of the filename for the default pictures, and _alt or _2 at the end of the filename for the alternate pictures.

Specify what Point of Sale should do if an item already has a picture associated with it (replace existing, keep existing, or prompt you for decision) and select Next.


A summary of the pictures found at the specified location is displayed for your review before the import is started. If pictures cannot be matched to items, an alert and list of the files is displayed. Review the file list and rename the affected picture files in one of the filename formats listed above. When ready to proceed, select Import. Point of Sale confirms the import was completed. Select Finish.

Exporting Item Pictures

To export multiple pictures:

You can export a number of pictures at once using the Data Export Wizard. Exporting item pictures differs from other data exports in that a separate file is created for each item picture being exported in a folder or location you specify.

From the Point of Sale File menu, select Utilities > Export (this option is best to export all item pictures, or to export by department, vendor, or style)

The Data Export Wizard opens.


From your item list or Picture Album, select the items whose pictures you wish to export, and then from the I Want To menu, choose Export > Export Item Pictures for Selected Items.

Select Item Pictures as the type of data to export, and then follow the on-screen instructions to specify for which items pictures will be exported.

Indicate the destination folder for the exported pictures, how you wish the exported files to be named, and whether you wish to export the default, alternate or thumbnail picture, or all three, for the items.

Select Export to copy the pictures to the destination location.

Select Open if you wish to view the contents of the destination folder, or select Finish to exit.


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