QuickBooks™ Point of Sale Help: Using Quick Find on the Home Page

The Home Page offers a Quick Find field to locate customers, inventory items, receipts, help, and more.

You can scan an item or receipt bar codes into this field, or manually type customer names, document numbers, or any search keywords.


As you type, the results are instantly displayed, broken down by record types. In the example shown, the letters “Pa” have been typed and records have been found in several categories. As more letters are typed, the results are narrowed helping you quickly find the record or help you need.


  • The first five matching records in each category are displayed. Click a record to open it or click Show all matching items to display additional records in a category.
  • To narrow or change your search, type additional characters or a new keyword.
  • The I Want To section lists matching Point of Sale tasks. Clicking an entry will open the screen from which you can complete that task.
  • (Pro) You can also enter item serial numbers to find all documents on which the serial number is listed.


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