QuickBooks™ Online: Reports for Tracking Sales and Income

Navigate to the Review Sales Menu

Go to the Reports tab on the left navigation bar.


Choose All Reports and from the All Reports group, choose the Review Sales option.


Sales by Custom Detail

Inside the Review Sales menu, click Sales by Custom Detail to open the report window.


Sort Your Sales

On the Reports Screen, change the transaction date from “This-Month-to-date” to “This-Quarterto- date” to sort your sales by month for the current financial quarter to date.



Click Customize, in the submenu select Rows and Columns group by “Month.”


Run Report

Click Run Report. You can see which customers have bought from you recently and which ones haven’t bought from you in a while.


Analyze Your Report

You can use this report to see which of your customers are late on invoice payments. One way to retrieve this is to search the report for “Aging.” Return to Reports by clicking the tab.


On the Reports screen, type “Aging” into the search box, and select A/R Aging Summary from the drop-down options available.


/R Aging Summary Report

You’ll see which invoices are “Current” in the Column labeled “1 – 30”—these are your invoices that are not yet late. There are also additional columns labeled “31 – 60” for late invoices, “61 – 90” for extremely late invoices, and “91 AND OVER” for delinquent invoices.


Use Reports to Analyze and Examine Your Business Now it’s your turn. Try customizing in different ways to generate these and other Sales or A/R Reports. Use these reports to get familiar with what QuickBooks™ can tell you about how to spend your business’ money.


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