QuickBooks™ Online: Pay Bills

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Step-by-step instructions

1. Navigate to Pay Bills Menu

From the home screen, click on the + menu and beneath the “Vendors” column select the Pay Bills tab.

2.Select Payment Account

In the upper left-hand side of the Pay Bills screen, you’ll see a dropdown menu labeled Payment Account. Click on the drop-down menu and select the appropriate account from the options available.

If you paid these bills by credit card, select the appropriate credit card account. Or, if you paid these bills by check or with an online transfer, choose Checking.

3.Choose Date(s) to Show Bills On or Before

If you don’t print checks from QuickBooks™ and you’ve already connected your checking account, you can skip the following steps.

QuickBooks™ will match downloaded payments to your vendors’ open bills and record your bill payments automatically. If you haven’t already connected your checking account, then you’ll need to tell QuickBooks™ which bills you want to see and how you’d like them sorted.

To do this, select the radio button beside the option labeled Show bills due on or before, then click on the small Calendar icon to the right of the text box.

Choose a Date on the Calendar that you want to show bills on or before.

4.Choose the Bills you Want to Pay

In the table of bills below, check the boxes beside the all of the bills you want to pay.


If you’d like to make a partial payment, you can change the Amount to Pay in the text box on the far right of the row. QuickBooks™ keeps track of anything still owed on your bill.

5.Choose the Date to Pay Your Bill(s)

Next, you’ll need to choose the Date you plan to pay the bill(s) you’ve selected… or the date they were already paid.

To do this, locate the “Payment Date” section and click on the small Calendar icon, then choose a date from the drop-down calendar.


6.Enter Payment Method

In the bottom right-hand side of the Pay Bills screen, you’ll see the “Payment Method” section. Here, you’ll need to tell QuickBooks™ if you wrote a check by hand or if you need to print out a check.

If you wrote a check by hand, click the radio button next to Hand-written check, and enter the check number in the text box labeled “Starting Check No.”

If this was an online payment, type “EFT” (for Electronic Funds Transfer); or, if you paid using a debit card, type “Debit.”

7.Review and Pay

Take a moment to review the dates and payment method details you’ve entered, and once you’ve entered everything the way you like it, click Pay Bills in the bottom left-hand side of the screen.

You can also click Pay and Print if you’d like to keep a printed copy for your records.

And that’s it! Try it out and relax knowing that you’ve paid your bills and recorded the payments correctly.


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