QuickBooks™ Online: Create an Invoice

Create and Save an Invoice

Use an Invoice to bill your customers after a sale is made

To create and save an invoice:

  1. 1) Click (+) > Create Invoice.
  2. 2) Fill in the invoice.
  3. 3) (Optional) If you’ve saved a style other than the Standard style, you can choose it from Customize at the bottom of the page.
  4. 4) Click Print or Preview. Then:
    1. a) Click Print or Preview again to make sure the form will look the way you want when you send or print it. You can save it as a PDF from here, too. Just hover over the previewed form to see Adobe’s save icon.
    2. b) If you select Print Later, you can print it from the queue later.
  5. 5) You have a few other ways to save:
    1. Click Save at any time to avoid losing your work. You’ll stay on the page.
    2. Click Save and close to go back to what you were doing before you started creating the form.
    3. Click Save and send to email the form. You’ll have the chance to edit the email message to your customer and to preview the form one last time.
    4. Click Save and new to begin a new form.

*Even if you don’t send or print the form, it’s included in reports and in the customer balance when you save it.


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