QuickBooks™ Online: Add Customer Information

How To: Import customers from a spreadsheet

Access the customer list

Access the Customer List from the left navigation bar then click New Customer followed by Import Customer.

Format your spreadsheet

Organize your spreadsheet to match the format of the sample below. Make sure your column titles and the order of your columns match our example.

Upload your file

On the Import Customers page, click Choose File. Select your file and click Open.

Match your fields

For each QuickBooks™ field below, choose one of your spreadsheet columns. Then click Continue.

Import customers

Make sure you’ve checked a box on the left for each customer that you want to import. Then import them.

How To: Add customers as needed

Add new customer

Click Customers in the left Navigation Bar. Then click New Customer.

Enter new customer information

Fill out the Customer Information form. The only required field is Display name as but you can add as much information as you want. Click Save.

Now that your customers are in QuickBooks™, you can enter them into invoices, sales receipts and other forms.

How To: Quickly add customers to forms

Enter customer name

Type your customer’s name in the Choose a customer field then click Save and finish your invoice.


Enter customer information

Return to the customer list and select the customer name.

Click Edit and add the new customer’s information.


This task takes about 10 minutes.


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