Physical Inventory Scanner: Upload Scans to Point of Sale

To upload scans to Point of Sale:

1. Place the scanner into the cradle and ensure the adapter is plugged into a USB port on your workstation. (Drivers must be installed for scanner to work)

2. Turn the scanner on and make sure it is on the home screen.

3. If the Point of Sale Physical Inventory window is not already open, select Start (or Continue) Physical Inventory from the Inventory menu.

4.From the I Want To menu, select Add Counts from Scanner (If you are counting the entire store I would suggest checking set all items not counted to zero, before add counts from scanner).

5. Follow the displayed instructions to upload the scans from the scanner unit.

6. When the upload is finished, you are prompted to clear the scanner memory. You can do so now, or wait until you have finished reviewing and saving the scans. But it is important that you clear the scanner before you start another inventory count with the scanner.

7.When you close the upload window, the scans are displayed for your review on the Get Scans window. The scans are not added to the Physical Inventory window until you select a save option at the bottom of this window. If any Unrecognized Scans are reported, review and print them before saving good scans to your physical inventory. Learn more


  • You can choose Save & Continue at anytime to pause in your physical inventory. After saving you can exit and return later to finish. Choose Continue Physical Inventory from the Inventory menu to resume.
  • If transactions affecting the quantity of previously counted items occur during a physical inventory, the items are flagged on the Physical Inventory window and you are alerted. You should recount these items.
  • If you have entered counts but wish to cancel them and start again, select Clear Counts and Restart from the I Want To menu.
  • If your computer loses power or crashes during a physical, Point of Sale retains the counts you have entered to that point and automatically recovers them for you.
  • If necessary, you can select Print Tags from the Print menu to create new tags for items as counting.


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