Merge Duplicate Customers in Point of Sale


Occasionally, you may find that a customer has been entered twice in your customer list. This might happen, for example, if an associate spells the name slightly different when looking up the customer, and believing the customer isn’t in the list, adds them again with the different spelling.

Merging the customer records combines the sales history of the duplicate entries into a single record and then deletes the other.If you are integrated with QuickBooks™ financial software, you have the option to delete the duplicate record in QuickBooks™ as well.

Detailed Instructions

If the customer being removed has a sales history, a listing of the number of sales receipts and customers orders to be updated is displayed. The customer on these documents will be replaced by the customer you selected to keep.

  1. In your Point of Sale customer list, select one or both of the customer records you wish to merge. Choose I Want To > Merge (Merge Customers in versions older than 10). The Merge Customers window opens with the preselected customer(s) listed.
  2. Review the customers and make changes as necessary
    •       1) To add or change a customer, use the drop-down lists to select or search for the customer.
    •      2) Ensure the customer record you want to keep is displayed on the left side of the window. You can reverse Point Of Saleitions of the records (which to keep and which to remove) by selecting the Swap button located between them.
    •       3) If you are integrated with QuickBooks™ financial software, the name(s) as shown in your QuickBooks™ customer list are shown to help verify you have the correct customers selected.
  3. Click Merge Customers.
  4. If prompted, specify if you want to delete the duplicate from your QuickBooks™ financial software as well. See notes below for more information.


  • If selected, the deletion in QuickBooks™ will occur with the next Financial Exchange. If the customer to be deleted has a transaction history in QuickBooks™, the customer is made inactive instead of being deleted. If the customer is not deleted or made inactive in QuickBooks™, it will be recreated in Point of Sale with the next Financial Exchange.
  • Updated documents resulting from a merge in Point of Sale are not resent to QuickBooks™ and the customer records in QuickBooks™ are not merged. However, all new transactions will be recorded in QuickBooks™ for the customer you selected to keep.


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