How to take tips in QuickBooks™ Point of Sale

Collect Tips on Sales: Your customer can add a tip to the total amount.

Turn on Tips to show the Add Tip button on the Signature page.

Go to File menu>Preferences>Company>Sales>Receipt Tendering> put check mark in box next to “Collect customers tips on credit, account, and gift card transactions”> click Save (receiving tips and paying tips to employees works most effectively with users active in Point of Sale).


How to receive tips on sales

Click your Make a Sale button


Ring up items


Choose payment type (credit,debit,check,account [cash does not apply. In cash instances, you simply deduct the tip])


Once you select payment type>confirmation window will appear>SelectCollect Tip


Enter in tip amount>select cashier/associate to receive tip>Click Continue


Click Save and Print



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    we cannot find a way to collect tips on DEBIT card transactions (90% of our business) other than asking the customer you just did a service on "hey, would you like to give me a tip?" Other POS systems we see have the PIN pad ask the customer, so how do you collect tips with QBPOS on debit?

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    Jay Thompson
    In QuickBooks™ Point of Sale using Intuit Payment Solutions the PIN pad cannot request tips for Debit Cards. You might want to try this payment solution provider:

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